Agile questing with Sabine Pappas

Agile questing with Sabine Pappas

So what is it that Sabine does for a living ?!

To find out answers to Nefeli’s reasonable question, right before leaving your island, the PrrEsIDente of our newborn S.A. Association invites you All – more or less young – to a collective quest into :
  • the Roots and Principles of Agile Learning
  •   some of the tools and games implementing this approach – in particular to decision-making processes
 + ways , after all, we can connect with one another to form a healthy, integrated learning community!
🏠 At Casa Lucia, or online, Wednesday March 2nd -yes yes it’s the day after tomorrow ! I do have to leave after-  19:30 to 21.30
…and then, you’re much welcome to join the farewell party I’m throwing myself !🤸‍♀️
If you are on the island please come so we can inpersonalise!
If you have trouble with transport let us know we’ll fix it.
Entrance: Free
Exit: whatever you wish