Re-imagining Education Conference

Re-imagining Education Conference

We are very happy to be participating in this wonderful conference.

It would be nice to participate in the conference together. Those who can at Casa Lucia otherwise online.

We are contributing two sessions:

Thursday 24th 20:15-21:00 EET
We Embody Wisdom with Zoe Valerie
A journey of movement leading to our anatomy facilitating the mental and emotional functions required to re-imagine education.

Sunday 27th 13:30-14:30 EET
Youth Led Panel
What is higher education for me?
What do I think my available options are and what I would like them to be?
With Nefeli Valerie, Ciaran Hraklhs Macqueen and Kyle Angelos McQueen
We are going to discuss higher education. How it is and how it could be. We will share our view and perspective and then open the conversation to everyone. The point of this panel is for you to get an idea of our side and also for you to see how Greece educates its youth.