Our Strategy

If there is to be any kind of social change, there must be a different kind of education so that children are not brought up to conform.

We need to coordinate our action for educational autonomy with the practice of everything that should be legal and public, at the same time.
All ages must have equal say and participation.

So we bring together:

  • the administration of the project and learning according to it and within it
  • students, mentors, researchers, parents, activists
  • online and in person interaction for hybrid collaboration and hybrid learning beyond borders
  • local and global communities

Our mission is

  • to bring the responsibility and act of learning from and with each other into the community.
  • to normalise learning communities as an option by and for all ages , which entails decision-making power for those under 18. 
  • for learning environments which assure the inviolability of freedom of conscience to be available to all who wish to use them.
  • for this approach to learning to be legitimised, socially integrated and publicly available.

Our strategy is

  • creating and connecting agile communities for learning which support and reinforce each other while maintaining their autonomy
  • expanding the potential of our prototype legal structure through its use by these communities independently and interconnectedly, to safeguard and propel freedom of choice in learning
  • innovative use of new technology for learning; combining digital and actual localities to overcome restrictions in collaboration and coexistence beyond borders.

We are initiating and co-building
Free to Learn – an International Community for Freedom of Choice in Learning. This includes the Spring Academy community but is not exclusive to it.

We are evolving a legal strategy of association while maintaining the autonomy of the individual ventures towards the creation of an Interstate Union for Freedom of Choice in Learning and the implementation of an International Appeal for the redefinition of education.

You can join here Declaration of interest for freedom of choice in learning

In order to learn more we invite you to dive into our Articles of Association, Guidance Document and Circles. It is the design and combination of these that allow us to overcome borders.

Democracy has to be born anew every generation, and education is its midwife
John Dewey