The Program is in constant evolution as it is based on community offers and requests for learning.
You can follow its evolution on our KanBan below.
There you will find:

    • Offers scheduled
    • Offers not yet scheduled
    • Offers by appointment
    • Requests that have not yet been met

Spring Academy members participate for free.
Most events are open to the public.

To participate register at info@springacademy.gr
You can participate:

    • wherever the event states
    • in “hybrid mode” both in person and online – online participants can gather in person at their location
    • individually online

Attention: some events are only in person

Ζoom in and drag. For descriptions zoom in or click on the event and expand

To open descriptions on a phone please switch the website to “desktop mode” by tapping on the three dots menu button in the top right corner.