Spring Academy and educational reform

Spring Academy and educational reform

Spring Academy:

  • fully realises Τhe UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • fully realises the right to choose, to differ, tο self-direct and self-determine in life as a whole for all ages 
  • is rooted in learning that is embodied, ecological, combinational, interdisciplinary, blended, inclusive, intergenerational, multicultural, multilingual  
  • is working for the widespread establishment and legitimation of learning communities as public educational structures with access to any educational process and provision chosen by each community
  • is evolving a culture specific versatile context combining formal and non-formal democratic, agile and self-directed approaches to learning
  • provides educational services that are used according to the user’s wishes and needs, accessible to all ages and socio-economic situations
  • offers itself for open use as a template
  • has created an open source legal structure that overcomes restrictions on the freedom of choice in learning and the freedom of choice in general, beyond borders.
  • is creating an Online Spring Academy, a digital home for a global blended learning community combining digital and actual localities 
  • is initiating a Global Appeal for Redefinition of Education in and beyond the pandemic

If there is to be any kind of social change, there must be a different kind of education so that children are not brought up to conform.