Our circle

Our circle is evolving!

Ageliki Papadopoulou

I grew up in Athens. From early childhood I was naturally inclined towards spots, the arts and loved to be and play in nature. I have had the privilege to travel to many countries and meet many different civilizations. Aside from Greece I have lived in the Unites States, Australia, India and Thailand. I hold a degree in Engineering but early after my studies I decided to follow a path of natural living in the countryside. I studied and practice permaculture and traditional/alternative methods of health and wellbeing. I have a passion for movement and dance as well as adventure and exploration of Nature. Since 2021 I am a mother and dream of a world where my children can grow empowered and with respect to their true needs.


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Anjelika Mamona

I was born and grew up in Corfu. I have worked as a performer and as a facilitator with arts such as music, dance and circus. I am particularly interested in exploring and observing art as a pedagogical and therapeutic tool for children and adults.
I am interested in and studying community circus and communities and I work in educational settings using practices based on non-violent communication, integration and acceptance of diversity, equality and respect between children and educators.


Sabine Pappa

I was born in France, raised in Greece and many other spaces in between but mostly keen on exploring ‘heterotopias’ ! Over 9 years I pursued academic studies in Sociolinguistics, Theater, Sustainability and Sciences of Education culminating in 2018 in co-founding sChOoLwithOuT frOntiers.
My passion for cross-pollinating worlds translates into engagement in several not-for-profit organizations working on: regenerative farming, consumer cooperatives, popular education, agroforestry and permaculture. I practice Art of Participatory Leadership, Permaculture Design and Agile Facilitation.

Nefeli Valerie

Hello : ) I am 16 years old and I have lived in Corfu almost all my life. I have also lived in the Netherlands, Germany, Crete and Evia. I love singing, music, dancing, painting and above all partying with my friends. I love taking care of young children and having fun with them. I also like meeting new people and having deep conversations.

Zoe Trandalidou

After completing law studies in the University of Thessaloniki (2009), Ι worked in Athens to legally address refugee-related issues. Since 2013, I have been taking part in european mobility programs as group leader, and coordinating Erasmus+ projects, among which “Heterotopia Tours”. My activity has been dedicated to networking, mediation and support of non formal education models, addressing alternative economy, cooperation, social innovation and intercultural dialogue and in 2019 Ι co- founded CoLabHouse SCE.
I have been dancing and playing music since my childhood. I found myself in adulthood searching for re-learning, touching and feeling tradition. Having my family roots in Creta and Minor Asia, I took part in wonderful groups singing songs from the above areas, as well as Polyphonic songs from Epirus and the Balkans. I studied West African traditional dances for several years and then got into exploring improvisation, healing and kinesiology and the Axis Syllabus and Ensoma communities.

Evangelos Vlachakis

Cinematographer, audiovisual literacy facilitator and activist for libertarian education. He has been managing a blog about democratic schools since 2009. He works in the connection and networking of Greek initiatives for emancipatory and social pedagogy.

Zoe Valerie

I grew up in Corfu. I completed my postgraduate degree in Choreological Studies, Choreography and Education in 2002 at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London.
I have lived, taught, danced and studied in Holland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece, the Ukraine, Thailand and Israel.
For over twenty years Ι perform, choreograph and teach with people of all ages.
I am the originator of ‘Ensoma’, an amalgam of therapeutic methods, movement techniques, improvisation and choreological study which cultivates the wisdom we embody.
I am convinced that emdodied learning, where the body is fully involved, can reinforce the ability to think, feel and therefore act autonomously and critically.
I am committed to educational reform, protecting the freedom of choice in education and safeguarding environments where human development is allowed and facilitated.
I am a founding member of Spring Academy, Eudec Greece, a regional chapter of the European Community for democratic education and Education Plus, the Greek Association for the support of Alternative and Emancipatory forms of education. Ι am a single parent of two teenagers.