Shaolin Kung Fu

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26 June 2024


19:15 - 21:15


Thomas Croc
Thomas Croc

Fascinated by Martial Arts since a young age, Thomas Croc started his journey with Shotokan Karate in his teenage years. He was told by his teachers that he could become a champion as they were very impressed by his natural gifts for Martial Arts. However, his path led him along a different direction. During his travels throughout Asia, Thomas discovered the Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat in the mountains of northern Thailand. The lifestyle and practice immediately resonated within his heart and the real journey began. With the guidance of Master Iain Armstrong and the Senior Instructors of the school, Thomas dived deep into Old Style Kung Fu, living several years the monastic life of the school, living and breathing Kung Fu every day. As the understanding of the Arts deepened within him, so did the understand of himself and nature. Everything is connected by natural forces, and Kung Fu is a way to harness them, to follow them and direct them where it is needed. To be one with nature and its way, not against it, is the way of Kung Fu. Since 2020 Thomas lives and teaches in Greece and has co-founded Nam Yang Greece with his life partner Ageliki Croc.