“Children’s assembly”

“Children’s assembly”

Spring Academy invites you to the screening of the documentary “Children’s Assembly” (30′) by the pedagogical venture “Small Tree”
A montage of children’s assemblies from films and documentaries. Filmings and reconstructions of children’s assemblies from schools around the world. 
Childrens’ communities discuss, solve problems, decide and act.
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We will also see excerpts from Small Tree assemblies.
The direct democratic assembly is a key tool in pedagogical endeavors that operate in accordance with the values ​​of libertarian education and experiential learning.

Prompted by what we see, we will have an open experiential discussion on the pedagogical application of the method of Non-Directive Intervention (NDI), from which we will shift to the democracy of social life, where we define ourselves, our goals, we self-organize and live what we want to live.
Opening the range of communication with children, in this discussion we will ask ourselves and we will deal with issues such as:

  • How to set children, young people, free to express their potential and diversity, to develop their skills, to interpret the world and not to accept it as interpreted.
  • How to transform the pedagogical relationship (education – upbringing) into a developmental relationship for both adults and children
  • How daily communication with children can become an ultimate tool for healthy development and prevention of psychopathology

Wednesday 14/07/21
21:00 Eastern European Summer Time (EEST).
Participation can be live at Casa Lucia, 12th km Paleokastritsa Nat. Rd, Corfu or online on Zoom. Please register.

The meeting will be:

  • intergenerational and bilingual: for all ages, there will be Greek and English subtitles and translation where needed
  • outdoors and in accordance with the health measures
  • with free contribution to support the Small Tree and Spring Academy

Coordinated by Katerina Tranouli, Psychologist, NDI psychotherapist, yoga instructor, mother of two children, 11.5 and 10 years old.
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