Adult Democracy

Adult Democracy

We are participating in the Summerhill Festival of Childhood Online / IDEC 2021 on Tuesday 5/10/21 17:00 UCT (20:00 Greek time)

Democracy is written by adults.
A talking circle for all ages. 

Our hope is to discuss the deep adultism of “Democracy” in a talking circle with a majority of “non-adults”. Those who have to wait to be 18 for so many things please join us.
If you know people, especially young people, who would be interested please invite them.

ADULTISM the beautiful little book by Mikros Dounias

Some may prefer to share their thoughts filmed, recorded or written in advance.

Register online here and follow the zoom link that will be sent to your email inbox.

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      If you can have a look here before we meet: ADULTISM the beautiful little book by Mikros Dounias

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      Defining adultism
      The term “adultism” is composed of the word adult and the suffix ism and was introduced in 1978 by the psychologist Jack Flasher (1978: 517). Whereas various “isms” have been the subject of social movements, political organizations, rich literature and media productions, the concept of adultism is neither well known nor widely accepted as a social reality (Bell 1995).
      Adultism stands for the discrimination of children on the grounds of their young age. describes the It is a social structure of discrimination, which imbalance of power between children and adults 2009 (Ritz : 127). The essence of adultism is the differentiated treatment of minors due to judgements based on their age rather than their actual capabilities (Zale 2011; Liebel 2013: 4).
      Katerina Varella “Adultism-Mikros Dounias”

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