The rhythm of learning

The rhythm of learning

Learning happens in its own rhythm. If you force people to learn the outcome usually will not be as high as you expect it to be. We are not machines. We need specific conditions to observe what is happening around us, to be interested in it, and to feed our brain with the relevant details.

Self-optimisation cannot be the base-line of a so-called successful life. However, offering the individual best conditions for learning can be a real advantage to learning. We are individuals. Therefore we should pay attention to our own learning bio-rhythm and children’s rhythm as well.

Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.


It was the nightingale and not the lark

It starts with the preferred time for learning. Some of us are early birds, whereas some of us become productive at night. You might have heard about the types known as larks and owls. However, at schools we are often forced into an education system of set times.

Another important learning-booster is the setting. There are places that facilitate the spirit of learning. These are not the same for every task. Some tasks need silence, some get along with music very well… It is not only about the task, but also about the learner as an individual.

Choose when you want to learn

Would it not be vitalising to choose your own time of working and / or learning? Would it not be a great advantage for our children as well? Democratic education can give some answers and alternatives to the traditional education happening in public and private schools.

If you have not heard about democratic education yet, never mind! Neither had I a year ago. But it is obvious that a natural way of learning is fun. Yes, fun! That thing that puts a smile on your face every time you are doing something that delights you. Remember?

And yes, it can come in combination with learning. It comes when you can choose yourself what you want to know, to enjoy and to learn. When learning happens in freedom magic can happen.

When learning happens in freedom magic can happen

School time where you can learn

  • When you want.
  • Where you want.
  • What you want.

I would love to hear you asking now: Really? Where can I do that? But in my experience your first question will be more like: Really? But won’t a child play around the whole day instead of learning mathematics? And it is completely all right that that is the first question coming to your mind.

It means that you are concerned about the quality of learning. And this is something we should focus on. We might forget over the time that learning is natural and that children really want to learn.

At the same time children are humans. Like you and me. I trust that you know what is good for you. You are fully aware of your decisions. You do what you want or you do not do it. But it is up to you. You have your reasons for doing so.

What makes you think others, or let us say a child, is not able to take this decision? You see my point. All you must do is trust and if you do not trust in children (ok, it hurts to write this) you can trust in the experience others have with democratic schools.

They might not be popular in Greece yet, but they are across Europe and all around the world. Summerhill in England, FLeKS in Germany are only a few examples.

Yaacov Hecht: an amazing ambassador of democratic education

Yaacov Hecht, out of his own experience, learned what it means to be different and to have a different opinion about what it means to be successful.

Different is beautiful.

Yaacov Hecht

His message is to shift from teaching based schools to learning based schools. (You might want to read all of that and more here.) With this message and vision he travels around the world…and guess what?!

Yaacov Hecht will attend the 2019’s Spring Academy!

Let’s throw some virtual confetti at this point. So, if you want to find your unique style of learning, if you are curious about what is within you, what is within the talents of your children, you really should make sure not to miss the Spring Academy 2019 in Corfu.

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We are so curious to get to know you and to go on this adventure called learning with you!

By Petra.