The power of routines is great

The power of routines is great

We learn things by routines and repetition. Doing something over and over again gives us the possibility to bring our skills to the next level. What happens, when you know very well what you are doing? You feel more secure. You know that you will succeed.

Nevertheless the time will come, when you have reached the maximum of your skills. This can be because you have mastered what you are doing (according to your own definition of mastery) or you got stuck, because it’s somehow the wrong way to accomplish your task.

The power of breaking up with routines has the same importance

The easiest way to bring your skills to a next level or to overcome obstacles is to change the route, the way you do things. If you read the article EDUCATION NEEDS FREEDOM you know already that even changing small habits during your day can expand your way of thinking. Yes, if you would have a look at your brain, you could see, that even your neurons change during this procedure.

Insanity: Doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

What happens by breaking up with routines is that our neural network is activated in a different way and this again leads to creativity and natural curiosity. But like everything which is unfamiliar or new, it is more likely to make mistakes. Therefore especially children must be allowed to make mistakes and feel secure at the same time.

I never lose. I either win or learn.

Nelson Mandela

It is with personal and also surrounding support that you or your child can practise new things. The Spring Academy 2019 will take place at Casa Lucia in Sgombou, Corfu.

We choose this venue again, because it fulfills exactly the wanted conditions mentioned above.

If you haven’t booked your accommodation for the Spring Academy at the Casa Lucia yet, it is really time to do so! Get in touch with Val Osborne to book your accommodation.

The spirit of learning is everywhere at Casa Lucia during the Spring Academy.

The spirit of learning is everywhere

It is not only about making mistakes being allowed. By practicing we, children as well of course, put effort and interest in new things. Acknowledging this lights up the inner fire.

Make it as easy as possible to explore new things. Inspiration and different points of view are easy to find. If you do not know directly how, ask yourself: If I was new to this, or a different person, what could come up in my mind? Or simply change the order of the steps you usually take for a specific task. And if you are really into it: Celebrate the success, but also your mistakes! You have gained an experience no one could give you.

Let’s break it down

So let’s not only break up with routines, let’s break this blog post down to:

  1. Routines are good to become better and better.
  2. Breaking routines is good to become extraordinary.
  3. Successful learning lies within having the security to make mistakes.

By Petra