“Freedom of choice in learning”

“Freedom of choice in learning”

In these circles we answer questions, explore suggestions that individuals, groups and families have and coordinate action towards freedom of choice in learning.

We will focus on action towards ensuring the right to choose in learning.

We have been running monthly hybrid coordination circles which will now merge with the larger community gathering, starting on the 27th of April.

Free to Learn will be presented in

“From Globalization to a Multiverse of Narratives”

a panel discussion about education and cultural diversity

on Sunday 30th April at 14:00 CET / 15:00 Greece

Join us there. From there we will see what meetings evolve.

We are creating a “Freedom of choice in learning” Register of individuals & organisations and Free to Learn – a Community for Freedom of choice in learning for the joint/collective execution of the necessary mobilisations/actions.
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