Small Academies 2019

Small Spring Academies were a collaboration between​​ Spring Academy​ and ​​Casa Lucia involving weekend events up until the beginning of Spring Academy ’19 (30 April-4 May) Saturday 2nd March “Carnival” with 3 Laloun Saturday 16th March Playground Carpentry: Renovating Treehouse For all ages With the Spring Academy Volunteer Team Information: 6970387010 Spring Lunch Spring Lunch-Gathering Bring food to share and […]

Program 2019

The program develops during the Spring Academy through daily meetings depending on the offers and the requests of the participants. Every morning and during each day, events are added to the Kanban boards (Agile Learning Visualization Systems) which are not displayed here in the online program. Tuesday 30th April Arrivals Welcome Circle “Seriously…Let’s Play” 3 Laloun “Seriously…Let’s Play” Games of […]

Spring Academy 2019

The Spring Academy idea was born in 2015 out of research into educational reform in Greece and any other country where educational choice is limited. This research was, and continues to be, in collaboration with educational reform experts and organisations from all over the world.From 2017 until 2019 the Spring Academy operated as a temporary learning community in Corfu, Greece.From […]