The importance of self-confidence in relation to death

The importance of self-confidence in relation to death

A collaboration that has been a dream for years is being realised.

Tew Bunnag is, among other things, an expert in teaching skills to reintegrate the process and management of death into our daily life and normality.
Our shared vision is to bring these skills back into our lives, upbringing, traditions and education, from a young age, so that fear and taboos surrounding death are replaced with an inherent and instinctive self confidence in relation to it.
The goal is the gradual elimination of the pathogenicity brought into life by excluding death from it.

Another dream realised with this collaboration is bringing birth and death closer, researching the relationship of the two processes, offering practices for the evolution of how we manage these two passages through their relationship instead of their separation.

We are very pleased to be collaborating on this series of workshops with

  • Aquagenesis which offers pre & perinatal support
  • Casa Lucia which has been providing a base and support for the above for decades now