Τ'ai Chi & Qigong

Τ'ai Chi & Qigong

Τ'ai Chi & Qigong


With Valerie Osborne

For Children and Adults (parents and educators)

T’ai Chi Ch’uan, loosely translated as the Great Ultimate Fist, is an ancient Chinese martial art which is also a highly beneficial health system.

T’ai Chi has been described as meditation in movement.

Doing the T’ai Chi Forms immediately places us in a state of tranquility where concentration and awareness is demanded thereby giving us the opportunity to really listen to what is going on within us. Practicing T’ai Chi brings about a feeling of well-being, aliveness and joy.

The name T’ai Chi was first seen in the Book of Changes or I Ching and actually refers to the yin and yang polarities which symbolize the continual process of change in the universe. We will study this process of change in the universe through exercises, breathing techniques as well as fighting systems.

Chi Kung means working with the breath or energy. Both T’ai Chi and Chi Kung calm the heart, keep one centered and open the body up to self awareness and self healing.

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